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How to finally lift the veil on B2B emails 💥?

B2B Emailing

For your commercial approaches, you gather a large number of contacts. You often know their first and last names and the names of the companies in which they work. Unfortunately, this is not enough. You are missing a key element: the email address. 📬

It makes sense: without their email address, it is impossible to contact your prospects.

You are missing a key element: the email address

A common situation

There are a lot of situations where you have your contacts' company name, but not their email address:

  • You go to a trade fair and get contacts in a hurry 📗
  • You use or have used one of the following tools, for example, to build a list from a Facebook group or LinkedIn search: Webscraper, Dux-soup, Linked Helper, Scrapely (closed) and Grouply (closed) .
  • It is possible that you already have lists of email addresses but that these are no longer valid. You need to update the addresses in these old files.

In either of these situations, you have your contact list with last name | first name | company name. Some of them are real business opportunities. But here's the thing: you can't contact them in the current state of affairs. Yet you are so close!

So, is your list useless? Good to throw away?

So, is your list useless? Good to throw away?

Who wants to find mass B2B emails?

There is no problem, there are only solutions... But more or less adapted solutions! 💡

If you need one or two emails, you can use tools that allow you to search the addresses one by one. But in a prospecting approach, you have lists that contain many contacts. Searching for their addresses one by one would take a lot of time!

Wouldn't it be easier if you could import your contact list directly?

 import your contact list directly?

A fast and efficient way to get B2B email addresses ⚡️

Dropcontact is the most efficient solution to find B2B emails, our customers say so 📣 😻

It's very simple: you just have to submit your list. Last name|first name|company name are enough to find the professional email addresses 👊. Dropcontact does the rest!

It is a solution that finds B2B email addresses (except for traders, liberal professions...) but not B2C addresses.

Dropcontact is able to find emails without the domain name, but it is even more efficient when you indicate it! In any case, it's the same price.

Most of the solutions on the market work by searching for email addresses in databases they have built up and stored... 🧐 ; this is by no means the way Dropcontact works.

Dropcontact has developed its own search and verification algorithms and guarantees 95% valid email addresses (excluding catch-alls)! For any false email address that you send us, we will reimburse you.

You want some more?

You can finally tune and personalize your messages

Dropcontact goes further and adds civility to the names of your contacts. You can finally tune and personalize your messages!

The solution rectifies name|first name inversions and corrects first names (addition of accents, etc.), to enable you to reach your prospects more directly.

The best is to test 👉 Dropcontact 🔥
🎁 The first 100 contacts are free
And for the API ➡️ it's here

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