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How to convert each contact into an opportunity

Business conversion: turning contacts into qualified leads

When you want to develop your business, the first reflex is to try to find new prospects.

There is, however, a recurring problem in companies: contact files that are abandoned, full of duplicates, incomplete or out of date information.

But you are aware that among all these contacts, some of them are real opportunities! 💰

What if that's the real trick?

Before trying to generate new contacts, start by using the ones you already have.

Dropcontact: The intuitive tool you've been waiting for 🔧

Only to verify this information you have to waste a lot of time. It's a rigorous job that requires you to process them one after the other, by hand, for hours on end.

The consequence? A job that is never completed, resulting in an under-exploitation of your data.

With Dropcontact, we have created ➡. the solution

contacts turned into business opportunities

Your data is corrected, cleaned and enriched... in just one click! ✨

And of course, you can also use Dropcontact for all your new prospects.

How does Dropcontact transform your files? 🔮

You don't have to make any effort to restore your data to its full potential.

All you have to do is upload your file and Dropcontact does the work for you.

Your contacts are reliable, ready for usewith information verified

Our solution verifies the validity of the emails of all your contacts, professional emails are added, domain names are corrected, first names are also corrected, civilities are created, phone numbers are standardized, all information is replaced in the corresponding columns etc...

But it goes even further, your data is incredibly enriched with: the profile of your contacts on social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), the company's salary bracket, its sector of activity, its website, its SIREN number and the intra-community VAT number,

Multiple files? No worries, in one click you can choose to merge your files to keep only one, with all your data, consolidated and verified.

TryIt's so easy to make good contacts ! 🚀

Dropcontact find your B2B emails

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