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Growth Hacking as a key to successful business development

successful business development: best practices

Build up quality contact lists, enriching them to contact prospects at the right time and with the right message...

These are essential steps to build its commercial actions on a solid foundation and obtain results quickly.

How to build a quality prospect base

The Sales team database is its backbone, it has to be as straight as an i!

Ever more obsolete data

up-to-date B2B contacts is essential
When you see that your database is out of date!

A few years ago, the obsolescence rate of client databases was about 5-10% per year. In 2020, it is rather 25 to 33% of your customer or prospect database that is no longer up to date after one year. 😱

The main reason? The increasing turnover in companies.

This is why today it is more important to capitalize on people than on the company itself.

If a contact changes companies, all the nurturing work, all the relationship you've built up with him must not go up in smoke.

On the contrary, it's a new way for you to introduce yourself to this new company that probably needs your product or service. This is the ideal time to strengthen customer relations.

Updating and updating your customer or prospect data is therefore essential.

LinkedIn: The essential prospect database

Today, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best prospect base in France and in the world.

Simply because we are all (or almost all) on LinkedIn, and we update our profile every time we change jobs or companies. Don't you?

So, how to use LinkedIn effectively for prospecting

The principle is quite simple:

  1. Define your persona, target and segment;
  2. Find profiles via Sales Navigator ;
  3. Retrieve the (public) information of your targeted leads, at least first name, last name, website and company: PhantomBuster, Captain Data, Lobstr, Dux-Soup
  4. Enriching email data: Dropcontact is today the only solution for data enrichment and correction 100% GDPR compliant 👼
  1. Prospecting in an ultra-personalized way thanks to cold email campaigns: with lemlist for example

Best practices for better email deliverability rates

tips for sending email campaigns

Setting up the SPF, DKIM and DMARC protocols

The 3 protocols SPF, DKIM and DMARK are used to certify that the email address and domain name you use for prospecting is authentic and authorized to send emails. This happens in the settings of your emailing solution.

By the way, we have a complete article about 👉 "[Tuto] How to have an opening rate higher than 70% thanks to the configuration of your domain".

Setting up the custom domain

This is the first thing to do before launching a cold email campaign: make sure you have correctly configured your custom domain in the back office of your emailing service.

Do not put aside emails in catch-all

There are two types of domains:

  • classic domains: only receive emails with correctly written addresses
  • catch-all domains : receive all emails as long as the domain is well written (so the part following the "@")

Catch-alls may increase your bounce rate very slightly, but it doesn't matter (and it doesn't affect your reputation) in reasonable sending volumes (a few hundred sendings per day).

If you decide not to shoot catch-all, then you are depriving yourself of a large pool of potential customers (especially since most large accounts have catch-all domains).

So, you should send your campaigns to catch-all domains as well and not exclude them from the campaigns!

All you need to know about catch-all domains and bounces in the dedicated article to come.

Successful cold email campaigns

The key to successful prospecting campaigns, especially in cold email: BE DIFFERENT! 🙃

"You want to do some hard-hitting cold email text? Then don't do what you're told to do and make up your own signature!"

We all know the "good practices" of emailing: what type of object should we favour, what content for a good click rate, or the optimal day and time to send your campaigns...

We all know them... So the people you're probably talking to...

It is highly likely that an email (however good it may be) following these practices will be clearly identified as a "campaign" and not as a dedicated, unique and personalized email. It's a shame to have optimized all your processes to reach such a conclusion!

Differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd, dare not be like everyone else!

be different

Prepare your own items, your own content... You are the best placed to know the expectations, the needs of your target, aren't you?

Your sales teams send dozens, even hundreds of emails every day to your customers, prospects or partners: they know them and have insight into their strategy.

Why not get your salespeople together to brainstorm with them and take stock of which email objects are performing, the most effective acquisition channel or the messages that are hitting the hardest?

🗝 With all these keys, you'll be able to open the doors of commercial efficiency!

The added value of the marketing and sales teams is certainly not in copying and pasting emails from prospects, updating databases, nor in the manual integration in the CRM.

Dropcontact is there for that 🚀

🤓 To go even further:

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