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Why shouldn't we stop prospecting in times of crisis?

Why shouldn't we stop prospecting in times of crisis?

We are entering the fifth week of quarantine and at least 4 weeks are waiting for us.

This first month has forced us all to organize new working habits, to set up teleworking, an office corner at home, state aid (bank loan, BPI...), sometimes resorting to partial dismissal...

Now there's an essential question:

Should we stop prospecting or should we speed it up?

question: stopping my sales teams or boosting prospecting
Stopping or boosting prospection in times of crisis

All our activities have been more or less impacted by this global crisis, fortunately, some companies still have the choice of their dirty strategy.

There are two options.

Option 1: Save your cash at all costs

  • cut its Ad's budgets (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn...) and communication actions;
  • stop its emailing campaigns (nurturing, newsletters and cold-email);
  • stop its commercial prospecting; partial layoff of its teams including Marketing and Sales (SDR, BDR, Business Developer, Inside Sales...) ;

In short, do a round back and curl up in a corner until it's over.

When your dirty teams don't prospect, don't sell...
Option 1: Wait for it to pass

Yet your prospects' days are looking like this right now:

The concept of time is not the same...

  • no time lost in traveling;
  • fewer meetings, no breaks at the coffee machine;
  • a shorter lunch break;
  • days that start earlier and end later;

⏳ Teleworking gives back time to your interlocutors

...no more "bandwidth."

  • significantly fewer emails received;
  • very few commercial calls;
  • taking a step back from its working methods and looking for new tools;
  • a lot more time spent on social networks and slack groups;
  • need for contact with outsiders

In short, everyone is in need of contact with the outside world 😏

Option 2: Accelerate commercial prospecting 🚀

In the midst of this unprecedented crisis, we can create new relationships, even from a distance of more than 2m 😉

Your interlocutors are more willing to listen...

  • much higher opening and response rates, more meaningful reading times ;
  • webinars, and replays, which have never been so successful;
  • visibility and sharing of clearly boosted publications;

...and more open

  • faster and easier appointment scheduling ;
  • more "friendly" and relaxed discussions;
  • demonstration of new tools well received

Today's prospecting, based on more friendly relations, prepares the right conditions for post-crisis sales.

Guillaume Moubeche, CEO of lemlist, testifies

It should not be forgotten that a commercial pipeline is built over the long term: tomorrow's results will reflect today's strategy. The strategy of the sales teams is currently to continue prospecting and helping their customers.

Don't be afraid to speed up your prospecting, on the contrary.

Use this time to test new approaches.

In times of crisis: don't stop prospecting and call your clients.
Option 2: Prospect and test new business approaches!

Let's swap... 👇🏻 Which option did you choose, for what reasons?

discussion: stop or continue prospecting
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