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Your prospect files become obsolete at a rate of 30% per year.

your-prospects-on-one-rate-obsolescence-of-25-a-30-per-year files

A sobering figure, since in just two years you lose the majority of your contact base. This base, which is the backbone of your business!

The reason? Your prospects evolve and they change their email address...

Not only will your emails never be read, but you also degrade the results of your campaigns by shooting them in a vacuum.

Data obsolescence

How to make your campaigns more effective? With a better opening rate! To do this there is no secret, you need to update your contact databases regularly.

But that's not all! Shooting invalid emails gradually damages the reputation of your domain name. Delivering your emails correctly is an essential prerequisite that is too often neglected.

Email services are increasingly effective in detecting spam. Errors or approximations increase the risk that your message will be considered as spam.

You must:

  • Evaluate the reputation of your domain name
  • Take the time to configure your domain name
  • Prevent your email from ending up in spam/undesirable folders 🚫
  • Do not send emails to invalid addresses

Maintaining your contact base is therefore crucial:

A customer file is like a vaccine, if it is not updated regularly it loses all its effectiveness.

However, updating these files is a time-consuming activity, which no longer brings any intellectual value. This task is often botched, or even ignored, which leads to a real chaos in your files: duplicates, obsolete email addresses, false addresses...

According to IKO-System.com's study, "The Sales Action White Paper", sales people spend 32% of their time searching for and filling in missing data in CRM. A precious time they could invest in sales!

The good news is that with one click Dropcontact solves this problem, but not only... :

  • Clean: Corrects first name/last name inversions, corrects first names, removes harmful characters.
  • Boost: Adds civility, adds website and domain, adds salary range, adds industry.
  • Valuables: Find pro emails, find company and social network information, merge duplicates, normalize information.

You don't waste your time anymore shooting an email in the void, we check them all! 🤗

All this automatically and in 1 click 👉 Dropcontact 💥

Data obsolescence
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