Dropcontact and hubspot integration

Integration Dropcontact x Hubspot

Dropcontact is BIENTOT integrated into Hubpost CRM to enrich it, update it automatically and merge ALL duplicates.

Picto - Clients Testimonials

Sales teams can finally focus on selling!

No more hours spent finding email, correcting civility, adding company data and finding and merging duplicates. Dropcontact directly into Hubspot does it to see automatically and 100% GDPR

The CRM Hubspot becomes even more powerful and automated!

Picto - Automatic enrichment of B2B emails

B2B email enrichment

Picto - Verification and validation of professional emails - RGPD

Real-time updated data

Picto - Auto update of your CRM B2B data and emails

Merged duplicate data

Dropcontact + Hubspot
= 💚 🧡

Dropcontact is integrated with Hubspot to turn your CRM into a real Sales and Marketing war machine.

Dropcontact in Hubpost: Super CRM enriched and updated
Picto - Integration of Dropcontact in your CRM in 1 click

Integration without development in Hubspot

Dropcontact integrates in a few clicks with Hubpost via your unique and personal API key.

No intervention from your IT department or service providers to transform your Hubpost into a real prospecting machine

You will no longer wonder about the quality of your data in Hubpost. 🤗
Dropcontact takes care of it in complete transparency.

Dropcontact widget integrated to Hubpost
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A new generation CRM

Thanks to Dropcontact, Hubpspot acquires super powerful new features and takes on a whole new dimension: automatic enrichment of all your contact files, cleaning data (civility, capitalization of first and last names, deletion of encoded characters...), intelligent merging of duplicates, updating of your contact data.

A new contact = a contact enriched, checked and updated automatically 🤖

Dropcontact processes each contact form when it is added or modified: verification, correction, updating and enrichment of each of your contacts: all of which is 100% compliant with GDPR.

Contact card

Picto - Search professional email address

Email finder

First name + last name + company website (or failing that the company name), is enough to find the contact's nominative email, enrich it and check it.

Picto - Professional email validation

Validation of the email pro

Dropcontact checks and validates each email automatically thanks to its powerful algorithm.
Validity rate: 98% (or 85% for catch-alls)

Picto - Qualified Pro Emails

Email qualification

Each professional email of the contacts contained in Hubspot is qualified in the form @pro, @personal, nominative@, generic@ or possibly catch-all@.

Picto - Correction of pro email addresses

Standardization of data

All contact data is standardized and placed in the correct fields.

Picto - correction of B2B email addresses

Correction of the professional email address

An error in a pro email address?

Dropcontact detects it and automatically corrects it when adding the contact or when updating.

Picto - collect contacts signature

Signature Recovery

The information contained in the email signatures of your contacts (phones, functions, addresses, LinkedIn profile...), in your inbox or those of your employees are automatically retrieved by Dropcontact and inserted in Hubspot: in complete confidentiality.

Dropcontact is Google certified.

Picto - information Extraction from business email addresses

Extraction of the information
from the email

First name, last name, company name are extracted from the email address and filed in the corresponding fields.

Picto - CRM Data Enrichment

Correction of first names

Automatic correction of capitalization, accents... All first names are corrected, checked and standardized.

Picto - adding and enriching the phone number

Adding the business phone number

The business phone number of the contact is automatically added.
The telephone number is processed according to the E.164 standard and returned in international format.

Picto - Enriching and adding title to a B2B contact

Adding civility

The hyper-personalization of your communications is essential: Dropcontact therefore automatically adds civility to all your contacts.

Picto - merge of contacts' emails

Duplicates are merged

Duplicate contacts are identified by Dropcontact in an intelligent way, even if they have no common field.

The management of information conflicts and managed by Dropcontact and allows you to consolidate data from several contact sheets directly in your Hubspot

Picto - Automatic addition of LinkedIn profiles for people and companies

Adding social profiles

Dropcontact identifies and adds the LinkedIn profile of each of your contacts in Hubspot (the average fill rate is 85%).

Picto - inversion of first and last names in the professional contact list

Inversion of surnames and first names

All your Hubspot contact sheets are now standardized: Errors of inversions name / first name are automatically corrected.

Picto - Correction of first names in pro contact list

Encrypted characters are deleted

Encrypted characters and emojis are removed or corrected.


Picto - adding B2B companies websites

Enrichment of the website

Each company's website is added simply by adding its name, or the contact's professional email address.

Picto - adds and enriches the public telephone number

Enrichment of the telephone number

The company's telephone number is automatically added to the E.164 standard and restored in international format.

Picto - Auto addition of the corporate business segment

Enrichment of the business sector

The NAF2 code and the sector of activity are added for organisations registered in France.

Picto - add and format the company address of your BtoB contacts

Enrichment and formatting of the postal address

The company's postal address is set to the postal standard NFZ 10-011 AFNOR(only for addresses in France).

Picto - Automatically add the company's workforce to your pro contacts

Enrichment of the workforce

The number of employees of the company is automatically added (only for companies registered in France).

Picto - Auto add VAT number to prospect data

Enrichment of the VAT number

Automatically, the intra-community VAT number is added only for French companies.

Picto - Adding Siren numbers to prospect emails automatically

Enrichment of the Siren number

The SIREN number is added to the company's file. automatically if the company is French.

Dropcontact: unique solution integrated to Pipedrive 100% GDPR compliant
Picto - API Dropcontact available

100% compliant GDPR

We 💚 GDPR.

Dropcontact's algorithms check, clean and enrich the professional emails of the contacts you have and do not use any databases.
The data delivered is easily updated, clean and compliant GDPR.

Your contacts are yours and remain yours, they never leave your Hubspot CRM.

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Dropcontact completes, enriches and verifies each contact and company record for you
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Dropcontact integrates in a few clicks. Enrichment, verification, contact quality, duplicate merge...

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A few clicks to integrate Dropcontact into Pipedrive.

Droponctact enriches, updates and verifies all your contacts in a completely automatic way and 100% GDPR.

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