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Is Dropcontact the best alternative to Anymailfinder?

Anymailfinder vs Dropcontact

Dropcontact is the only 100% GDPR compliant solution for searching validated B2B emails.

But not only 😊 On the basis of a name, a first name and a company, Dropcontact delivers you real prospecting files, verified, enriched and cleaned.

Enrichment of nominative data and B2B companies

Features designed to improve your commercial prospecting

Qualification and lead generation

Qualified leads in one click

Dropcontact enriches your prospecting files with the civility of the contact, his profiles on social networks and his company's information (Siren, sector of activity, workforce, telephone number, etc.).

Correction of business contact files

Correction of commercial files

Dropcontact corrects your prospecting files, including: name/first name inversions, typing errors in first names, incorrect email addresses.

Duplicated prospecting files

Eliminates duplicates of prospecting files

Dropcontact identifies duplicate contacts, even without a common field. Erroneous information is corrected and the lines are merged into a single one. No more calls made twice to the same prospect 🙊

BtoB commercial file merges

Merging heterogeneous files

Are you looking to bring together files from different sources, with mismatched or missing columns? Dropcontact merges them into a single contact file and cleverly splits them.

Complete features to boost your B2B prospection

competitor: GDPR non-compliant
competitor: does not add the website

GDPR compliant **


Look for the nominative email

Verifies the email address

Categorizes the email address

Adds business phone numbers

⚠️ Adds personal phone numbers (GDPR non-compliant)

Adds mobile and direct phone number 🥰 (100% GDPR compliant)***

Detects and merges duplicates

Adds the correct form of address

Correct name/first name inversions

Correct the first name

Adds Website

Add the Siren and Vat* numbers.

Adds the effective range*

competitor: does not add siren numbers and goes
competitor: does not correct the first name
competitor: does not add civility
competitor: does not add civility
competitor - does not merge duplicates
competitor: does not add mobile phone and direct line numbers
competitor: does not add mobile phone
competitor: no addition of the company telephone
competitor: does not qualify the email
check validation of the b2b email
Check search for pro nominative email



Check Add siren and VAT
Check Add effective range

Find social network profiles

Check social network profiles
competitor: does not add the staff block
Check Add website
competitor: can't find social networks
First name correction check
Check inversion first name correction
Check Add title
Check detection and merging of duplicates
Check Add public hotline
No check direct line
Check Add company number
Qualification email
Validation email
Search nominativ email
Check GDPR
* of French companies
** Dropcontact is 100% compliant with GDPR : only delivers professional contact information, obtained by the force of a well-designed algorithm, not a database 😉
*** functionality of our CRM offer
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