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⚖️ GDPR, email and B2B prospecting: what you really need to know

The first question we ask ourselves when we do B2B is: Can I do email prospecting?

And the answer is: Yes and no. It all depends on your target. It all depends on your target.

For Behind The Skills, Denis Cohen, CEO of Dropcontact.io reveals the best practices GDPR regarding B2B prospecting.

What are we legally allowed to do when it comes to emailing and B2B prospecting, in order to stay within the norms GDPR ?

.... And he knows a lot about it!

💌 Improve email deliverability with SPF, DKIM, DMARC configuration...

When we talk about Cold Email, the important thing is to have a good deliverability.

For that there are rules, beyond obviously an object that hits.

Denis explains how thanks to the configuration of his domain (SPF, DKIM and DMARC) to explode his rate of deliverability and open rate.

💡15 tips for generating a steady stream of ultra-qualified leads

Rome wasn't built in 1 day 🏗

You might think that automating your prospecting means connecting two-three tools that will do automatic lead generation.
But automation actually comes in a second step.

It's the culmination of a well-prepared strategy that can be scaled to larger volumes 🤖

Discover Denis' tips and tricks for exploding your sales with hyper-qualified lead generation 💚

🔌 1h to automate its prospection on Pipedrive

Automate lead generation processes, integrate them into your CRM, keep your contacts up to date, send cold Emails campaigns LinkedIn invitations...🥱

Without realizing it you are losing, on average, more than an hour a day on these tasks! 😱

While there are simple and quick automations to set up directly in Pipedrive.... that will change your life.

Discover how it is possible to place Pipedrive at the heart of automation for Sales and Marketing teams

🕵🏻 Scrapping: generate qualified databases

▶️ See the Replay

🎯 Having qualified and up to date databases is the basis of all sales and marketing teams.

But how do you acquire it and how do you use it?

Maxime Pari received Denis, as part of the great inter-startup challenge to help Sales to achieve their goals.

From scrapping to enrichment through the keys to cold emails, in 1 hour you will have all the cards in hand to optimize your prospecting 💚

💌 Bounce & Cold Email: global change - The live that explains the tactics

📣 Since June 2020, mail servers are even more able to detect unsolicited cold emails and this affects your bounce rate.

Some rules in these mailboxes now make these emails bouncy (Reject/Refuse bounce) and increase the bounce rate.The fact that your domain is not identified in one of the blacklisting databases no longer guarantees good deliverability.

is essential to adapt and update your strategy. 🚨Il In this live, we explain the new tactics to implement to ensure the deliverability of your email campaigns.

🛠 The toolbox to find & contact your B2B prospects

Every day, 1 Sales person loses an average of 1 hour because he does tasks instead of making sales. ⏰

Faced with this observation, it is an opportunity to ask the right questions to optimize its lead generation and prospecting.

- How to find email addresses?
- How to contact its prospects?
- How to clean up its email database?
- Why it is necessary to enrich its CRM database?

🗝 Growth Hacking as a key to successful business development

Build up quality contact lists, enriching them to contact prospects at the right time and with the right message...

- These are essential steps to build your sales actions on solid foundations and get results quickly.

- How to build quality prospect databases?
- How to get better email deliverability rates?
- How to clean, boost and enrich your CRM databases with a demonstration of Dropcontact?

👀 The impact of data enrichment on the B2B buying journey?

💰 Data is the new black gold of digital.

If you are able to enrich your customer data at the right time, it will be a real game-changer for your company and for your sales people.

In this webinar Denis interaction with Gabriel Dabi-Schwebelfounder of 1min30 about the impact of data enrichment on the buying journey of your customers in B2B

📝 Program:
- How important is customer data in the buying journey?
- The legal constraints of data enrichment (GDPR)
- What is the ROI of data enrichment?

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