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Ways to use

Dropcontact is a flexible solution designed to adapt to your B2B email
search, verification and enrichment needs.

Enter the era of integrated and
100% GDPR compliant clean data

The main use cases

Email finder, B2B email checker, 100% GDPR

Email finder

Dropcontact is an email finder that searches, finds, checks and enriches all B2B emails and contacts.

No database, but exclusively proprietary algorithms and test servers: that's what makes Dropcontact the only 100% GDPR compliant solution ...

Detection and merging of duplicate contacts

Detection and merging of duplicate contacts

In CRM, Dropcontact guarantees data quality.
All duplicates and duplicate contact sheets are detected, even without a common field... And are automatically merged, without any loss of data.

Dropcontact : Email checker - Checking the validity of professional emails

Checking business emails

Dropcontact automatically tests and verifies all your professional email addresses. Invalid, false or erroneous addresses are systematically detected, corrected or deleted.
No need to check them again, Dropcontact's email checker has already done it for you!

CRM integration pipedrive-Dropcontact: automatic email finder

Pipedrive x Dropcontact

Your Pipedrive CRM, is automatically enriched, updated and cleaned thanks to the native integration of Dropcontact.
implementation does not require any specific development, and is done in a few minutes.

integration Salesforce - Dropcontact: automatic clean data

Salesforce x Dropcontact

Leads and prospects in Salesforce CRM are automatically enriched with Dropcontact's native integration.

Duplicate records are also managed and merged without manual action.

integration Zapier - Dropcontact: automate your clean data and email finder workflow

Zapier x Dropcontact

Dropcontact available in Zapier allows to create hundreds of customized workflows integrating the search, enrichment and verification of its B2B data.

100% No Code

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