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Duplicate detection
and merging in CRMs

No need for a common field to identify and merge a duplicate...
It's not magic, it's Dropcontact!

Picto Dropcontact: Detection of duplicate contacts

CRM: Detection of duplicate contact pins

Dropcontact guarantees the quality of contact data

Thanks to its algorithms, Dropcontact detects and identifies all duplicates of contact, lead or company files directly in Salesforce, Hubspot and Pipedrive CRM.
Duplicate contact detection
is also effective when merging multiple contact files into the application.

Dropcontact: Detection of contacts, duplicate companies in CRM or your files
Dropcontact: Merging duplicate contacts in CRM and merged files
Picto - Merging duplicate contacts

Duplicate Merge in CRM

Dropcontact cleans up the lead and customer base by merging all duplicate data.
After detecting duplicate contacts, they are merged without any loss of information.

Deduplicating your prospect, lead, customer or company databases requires no manual action, everything is automatic.

You keep an eye on the deduplication activity of all your contacts.

Picto - Dropcontact API to automate the enrichment of contact files

Merging duplicate contacts in your data files

Dropcontact allows you to merge contact files. The file merge automatically deduplicates duplicate contacts.

Merging duplicate contacts saves time and efficiency: Focus on your real added value!

Dropcontact: Merging duplicate contacts in files
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