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Verified professional emails finder

Dropcontact is the best offer for finding verified
B2B emails and the only 100% GDPR compliant solution.

Dropcontact - Email finder: search a B2B email address online

Find a
professional email address

A first name, a last name and the company's website are enough for Dropcontact to search and find the contact's email.
Each B2B contact is enriched with his or her personal and company data.

The drag-and-drop of files makes it possible to process thousands of contact lines.
The email finder, or single search, directly online, displays the result instantly for a B2B contact.

Dropcontact: the email finder for B2B contacts
Search, verification and qualification of BtoB emails
Picto - B2B email search

Check a B2B email address

Dropcontact checks all the email addresses you have.

Unlike other solutions on the market that use databases to verify and enrich an email, Dropcontact is the only solution that has developed its own algorithms and test servers to guarantee you 100% compliant data. GDPR

The emails are checked and verified at 98% (85% for catch-alls).

Picto - Dropcontact API to automate the enrichment of contact files

Enrich email with contact and company data

All the personal information of your contacts is centralized, standardized and completed.

The companies associated with these contacts are also enriched and updated with their legal and informative data.

before: after = Dropcontact enriches all B2B emails
BtoB email search and verification
Picto - B2B email search

Search and enrichment time of professional email

⏱ The Dropcontact search sometimes takes a few minutes, the time it takes for the algorithms and test servers to perform their tasks.

Unlike other solutions, Dropcontact does not have databases to enrich your contacts, but proprietary algorithms and test servers. It is this difference that makes Dropcontact the only 100% compliant GDPR solution on the market.

It takes only a few minutes to have and use fully compliant B2B data.

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